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TANacious Sunless Tanning

Shimmer Powder by TANacious Sunless Tanning™

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TANacious™️ Shimmer Powder is a talc-free, shimmering powder giving you that final shine. This is an excellent, multi-purpose product for anyone using a self-tanner. Our shimmer powder is perfect for the one who works out a lot and wants to save her sunless tan from sweating streaks.

For best results, use immediately after applying self-tanner to avoid stickiness as well as before working out to help absorb extra sweat. In addition, our TANacious™️ Shimmer Powder can be used on the face as a finishing powder after applying makeup.

2 oz


Arrowroot Powwder, Cocoa Powder, Essential Oils, Mica Powder

How to use

After applying Tanning Mousse, dust Shimmer Powder over entire body or dab on any area that may feel sticky.


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It's our goal to have customers who are happy with their purchase. If we are unable to help you achieve the TANacious glow you're looking for, please email us within 14 days to be considered for a refund.

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