What Our Customers Have To Say

Wholly Guacamole! I have a slew of self tanners... Hello my name is Beverly and I am not able to be in the sun due to photosensitivity from an autoimmune disorder, and yours is the first self tanner I have loved."

*No weird chemical scents

*Leaves a color change in a good way so I can get where I missed.

*I am not ORANGE 

*I am not streaky

*Exfoliating and application mitts are bomb

*That shimmer powder is life 🙌 

Never knew you were around till Jennifer Hagenmayer and Adrianna Markowitz and they are just like you amazing♡

Thank you so much for coming up with some really great products... 

You are an awesome business an I appreciate your service and I shout you out whenever I can. 


One Satisfied Lady



Love the Sunless Tanning Mousse❤    The mousse goes on streak free when you use the mit.  There's no odor. That's a big plus.  My tan looks natural. Can't wait to get the Tan Shimmer Extender.  -Robin


I absolutely LOVE this product! It looks so natural and is so much easier to apply than traditional self tanner creams. One of the best parts is there is no strong self tanner odor. The tan extending lotion smells awesome!! Very happy with this product!  -Kim Hagan 


I am a long time self tanner and Tanacious Tanning is THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER! Thanks for getting this right 👍  -Susan 


Omg!!! I just used Tanacious Tan last night and it is by far the best self tan I’ve ever used in my whole life. And I’ve tried many. Many times I’ve been spray tanned and used a self tanners and it all turned out the same. But with tanacious tan I turned out as dark as if I’d been in the sun for a week or 10 times at the tanning bed. Wow. I am so happy with this product and I will definitely be buying more. Thank you so much for making such a great product.  -Rhonda


I am so happy with my experience with Tanacious! Ordering was easy, delivery was quick, and I absolutely love the product! I would recommend Tanacious to everyone!  -Kerri


I applied Tanacious last week, and I am still darker than ever!  Your videos are helpful when it comes to needing help and applying a barrier to your knees, elbows, etc. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know. Thanks for the perfect Summer Tan!  -Jessica


So pleased with the fast processing/shipping and as far as the product goes, WOW! I LOVE it! No smell, no streaks, no orange. Just a beautiful, rich tan! Thanks so much!!  -Lyndsey 


You did great! I appreciated the fast delivery and the product definitely lived up to my expectations. I love it!  -Julie


Omg I'm head over hills with this product.. let me just say I know it looks good on me when I have a husband that noticed the tan and how it looks natural compared to other products I've used in the pass.. ty for the wonderful product.  -Jennifer


LOVE all the products I received and was so surprised on how quickly it arrived. I instantly told my mom and she ordered some and it came super fast as well 😍  -Chris


I just love this tanner so much! Love the color it gives and the coverage is amazing! Thank you!  -Shelly


Smooth, no streaks, in love!! This is one application,  due to vitaligo, I'm going to need to build the tan to blend my non pigmented skin a bit more, but one application made a HUGE difference for me, my skin, and my confidence!! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!! Customer for life!!!  -Melissa


I absolutely LOVE the color!! I bought the tan extender as well, & it smells amazing!! Definitely two thumbs up & five stars from me!  -Kristin


You did great! I got my order super fast despite the current situation with Covid19 and I love love love the product!! So happy and have recommended your company to all my family and friends! Thank you so much!   -Peggy


Hi. I just wanted to say I absolutely love the tanning moose. I’ve never been able to use sunless tanner or spray tan without looking so weird lol. Thank you!  -Nancy