Sunless Tanner For Natural Tan

Why You Should Choose a Sunless Tanner for a Natural Tan

Many people love the look of bronze, glowing skin. Unfortunately, achieving a healthy, natural tan can sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Why? Laying out in the sun or in a tanning booth exposes your skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays, increasing your risk of skin cancer and leading to premature aging. 

Thankfully, sunless tanner provides the perfect alternative to laying out in the sun. You can achieve the glow you’ve always wanted without the harmful chemicals and radiation. If you’re not quite convinced, here are seven benefits of sunless tanning to take advantage of.

1)    Avoid Sun Radiation

First—and most important—on the list is that sunless tanning avoids the harmful UVA and UVB rays that damage our skin. Exposure to UV radiation is responsible for sunburns, skin cell damage, premature aging, eye damage, and many different types of skin cancer. And while sunscreen can protect against many of these effects, the reality is that less time in the sun is better for our skin.

Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning allows you to get glowing skin that looks like you’ve been laying out in the sun without all the harmful effects. No sun damage required.

 2)    No Chemicals

 Next, sunless tanners don’t require exposure to chemicals. At TANAcious Tan, all our products are vegan, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free, and SD-alcohol-free. We developed our products very carefully in order to get rid of all the nasty ingredients that many products incorporate. It was important to use to create a natural product line that we’d feel good about using and that our customers would love.

Many sunscreens contain these chemicals, so even though wearing sunscreen helps reduce your exposure to UV radiation, you’re still introducing new chemicals into your skin. Some makeup products that give you a faux bronze look also have these chemicals. Our sunless tanners are the perfect solution if you don’t want to put junk into your body.

3)    Easy to Apply

Another benefit of sunless tanner is that it’s easy to apply. Depending on the formula you choose, applying sunless tanner will feel similar to applying a lotion or mousse to your skin. When you use our applicator mitt, it’s even easier! You’ll be able to reach your full body with ease, and the mousse goes on seamlessly—no streaking.

4)    Buildable Results

One of our favorite sunless tanner benefits is that the results are buildable, meaning you can get exactly the shade you’re looking for.

Having buildable results also makes sunless tanning especially newbie-friendly. No need to worry if you have the perfect technique or if you’re going to like the way the color looks on your skin. You can start with a super light application, then decide whether you want to add another layer once you see the results. This also helps you get the perfect, even tan on your whole body. If some parts of your skin are naturally lighter than others, just add more product to those spots, and you’ll have even coverage in no time.

5)    Works Year-Round

Another key benefit of sunless tanning is that it works year-round. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get much sunlight in the winter months, you may feel like there’s no hope in having beautifully bronzed skin for over half the year. For many people, this is part of what makes the colder months so miserable. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with sunless tanning!

Because your tan doesn’t rely on sunlight, sunless tanning is possible year-round. No more waiting to achieve your summer glow—just apply your sunless tanner regularly throughout the year, or bring it back out in the dead of winter for a little taste of sun. Trust us—it’s an instant mood booster.

6)    Immediate Results

 Next on our list of benefits, sunless tanning offers near-instant results. You might argue that sunlight does the same, but that’s not necessarily true. Laying out in the sun all day often leaves you sunburned, streaky, or just slightly more tan than you were when you started. Most people find that it takes them weeks of laying out in the sun to build up to their desired tan—not to mention the harmful UV exposure that takes place during that time.

Sunless tanning is much more immediate. In just a few hours after application, you’ll see a significant change that lasts. It’s perfect for last-minute events that don’t give you much prep time. Just apply your sunless tanner when you make your plans, and you’ll be party-ready in no time.

Natural Sunless Tanner

7)    Control Over End Result

 Lastly, sunless tanner gives you complete control over what your tan will look like. If you want to apply it over a bikini to give yourself normal tan lines, you can do that. If you want to just add a little glow to your face and skip your body, that’s an option too. If you want to apply the lightest layer of product for an ultra-natural effect, be our guest! Or, if you want to maximize your tan with layer upon layer of product, we commend you.

Trust us when we say there’s no other tanning solution that gives you this much control. Laying in the sun is entirely unpredictable—the sunlight doesn’t hit your body evenly, you might not apply sunscreen in a seamless layer, and you don’t get to decide which parts of your body get sunlight and which don’t. For the perfect tan that’s customized to your preferences, sunless tanner is the way to go.

There you have it! Seven crucial benefits that set sunless tanner apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a natural, beautiful glow that looks like it was made for you, what are you waiting for? Try our head-to-toe collection to get everything you need for a full-body tan, or check out our other products if you’re looking for something more specific. Happy tanning!

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