Our Story

"TANacious Tanning was born out of the desire to offer a tanning experience that is second to none." — Owner, Gloria Fuhrman-Lear

We offer luxurious natural tanning formulations and accessories exclusively for TANacious Tanning to help queens achieve the most healthy and natural looking sunless tan.

We take pride in providing the best self tanner that is natural, vegan, and made from the purest form of DHA, better yet, it is affordable!   

We believe that when you feel confident with your skin and with yourself each morning—when your makeup, hair, clothes and tanned skin are all one—there is a sense of EMPOWERMENT that radiates from the inside out, becoming a permanent fixture in your spirit.

We Stand with Single Moms

Our business is built to empower and support women across all ages, especially single moms who are carrying the responsibility of caring for their children. Supporting these everyday heroes is the heartbeat behind TANacious Tanning, and a portion of every sale we make is donated to this special cause.


Gloria Fuhrman-Lear, owner of TANacious Sunless Tanning

A Lifetime of Experience with Sunless Tanning

I often get asked the question, “What made you get into tanning?”

My interest was born out of being the fair skinned girl who burned in the sun while most around me enjoyed a golden tan.

In middle school I discovered self tanners which were a bit of (okay, maybe a lot of) a disaster back then, but I continued to try them and look for a product that worked in the way I hoped.

TANacious would’ve been a huge dream come true to me back in 6th grade. Instead, it’s a dream come true for me now!

I enjoy being able to provide an alternative and safe solution for those who love great color, but don’t want to risk damaging their skin in tanning beds and/or unprotected time in the sun.

As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I absolutely enjoy working with others to help them feel their absolute best!

Customer service is something I take great pride in. Part of our great customer service is developing a natural tanning mousse with a signature solution created for our TANacious Tanning family.

I am truly blessed to be able to do something that I love!

Gloria Fuhrman-Lear

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
—Sophia Lauren